Friday, August 21, 2009

Pool House Part 2- The Changing Room


The changing room is approximately 8 foot wide and 10 ft long. As you enter, behind the door is the shower. You walk in towards the vanity and beyond that the toilet. The original vanity was this lovely number with an antique blue bowl.

The toilet was a matching blue. Lovely.

All of the fixtures have been removed, and if you live along the Highway 70 coridoor between Mayberry and Colorado Springs I would be happy to deliver, should anyone care for these treasures.

The blue indoor/outdoor carpet has been removed all replaced by a grayish porcelon tile. Hint: If you plan on tiling a non heated surface, say a porch or patio, ceramic tile is strongly discouraged, as it may shatter in the cold. Go for natural stone, or porcelain. We went for the porcelain.What you are seeing is the tile ungrouted. The grout, for you tile junkies is called London fog, a dark grayish color.

Lighting is provided by a lighted ceiling fan, and this attractive piece.

The plan for Friday is to grout and to install the new vanity. The vanity placed on a 4 inch base is solid oak and the top is white marble. The new toilet is white as well.

So now I'm stuck. The walls are painted flat builders white. I am willing to paint, refinish, decoupage, or whatever else the vanity. The top stays. Presumably a mirror of some kind will live over the vanity, and the light fixture replaced, with sconces, or .....

I've got a blank canvas.

In choosing wall finishes, several prejudices apply. No pastels. In other rooms we have tried many techniques. The room is off season storage, so suede may not hold up. We are unwilling to wallpaper.

Keep in mind we live in the midwest, far from sand and beaches.

What do you think? Should we go wild and use Ralph's island brights or keep it bright and anticeptic?

Fire away.


Anonymous said...

It appears in the last photo there is a chair rail type molding?

If so, I'd suggest bright white above the rail/molding (white at the bottom invites lots of scuffs near the floor, especially in a room used like this one will be...) and either "Nantucket Blue" from the IslandCollection, OR, from the ThoroughbredCollection, "Black watch navy" "Tartan Blue" or "Club navy" Must keep it crisp!

If there is not an existing molding, buy thick rope, and create your own rope "molding" where a chair rail would normally be.

Stay away from yellows and greens - those colors would clash with your oak cabinet and the floor tiles.
WI fan

ADG said...

Tha PRL Club Navy above the chair rail sounds like a good idea.

Toad...what will "In High Cotton" be about?

Toad said...

D: high cotton is a test bed for layout changes, etc. I don't do this well enough to take on another.

David said...

Of course my head goes right to the vanity. I was going to say paint that wood black, but I'm not sure how that works if you go with navy walls.

Toad said...

So David, I paint it black, then what?

Anonymous said...

Would you be so kind so as to reveal the color and maker/brand of the porcelain tile? It looks like a lovely brown stone with all the movement and variation. I found something similar for my mudroom but only in a limestone coloring and was hoping to find something a bit darker. On my computer screen, your stone looks like a perfect choice. Please do tell. Thanks.

Toad said...

Anon, it's from Lowes. See the next post.

David said...

That was a knee-jerk reaction on my part when you said you were open to doing something to the vanity.

Take care of the walls first. That will help you know if the vanity is fine as is, or if it needs something.

Kathleen said...

David is right. Choose what you like for the walls and then attend to the vanity.

I love the running bond pattern you did on the tile floor.

prashant said...

but I'm not sure how that works if you go with navy walls.
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