Friday, August 14, 2009

Vernon Jordan- Cool Guy

Vernon Jordan, husband, father, activist, gentleman, and very cool guy. If it seems his name has been in the news forever, it's because it has. Tomorrow is his 74th birthday.

Those of you, of a certain age, probably first heard his name in January 1961 when he was a member of the legal team that successfully sued the University of Georgia, to change their admittance policy to accept black students. He accompanied Charlayne Hunter, later Hunter-Gault, through the admittance process. You know Charlayne through her work at PBS and later CNN.

In the 1970's he served as Executive Director of the United Negro College Fund, and the National Urban League.

In 1980 he was shot in Fort Wayne, Indiana. President Carter's visit to the recovering Mr. Jordan was the first news story broadcast by CNN.

Since then he has served in various capacities for Democratic presidents, most notably President Clinton, and on President Obama's transition team.

He is a member of many corporate and education boards. Got one whale of a Rolodex.

Additionally, Mr. Jordan is a successful author. Tells a great story. I recommend, "Vernon can Read" and "Making It Plain".

Happy Birthday Mr. Jordan. You've made America a better place.