Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Pool House-Kitchen Side

Ultimately, the kitchen side will mirror the bath.

As you walk in from the pool, there is a 4 foot deep and 7 foot long corridor. Originally, inside the door was a mirror of the cabinets you see in the second picture. Immediately inside the door was a sink, dish washer and storage cabinet.

We have removed the cabinets and disconnected the water to the kitchen side. Mrs. T is a firm believer in decorating for our needs. Future owners can customize to their tastes when we turn the house over to them. Should they wish to reinstall the plumbing the stubs are open, behind the wall in the mechanical room.

This may end up a mistake, but without the cabinets inside the door we do lose counter space for buffets and al fresco dining. We have opted to install a hinged shelf along the wall. Folds down when not in use, pops up as needed. Intuitively, I don't like it. I hope to be wrong.

Again this side had the blue indoor/outdoor carpeting. It will be replaced with the tile used in the bath.

A little thought into preplanning this space might have made it somewhat useful. Instead it is narrow and cramped. I realize construction is expensive, but another couple of feet would have transformed this space into something useable in 3 seasons. Now its merely a pass through.


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