Monday, August 31, 2009

Happy Birthday Bunky and Odds and Ends

Today is Bunky's birthday. He's defending Colorado from forest fires today, but I hope he has a safe and fun birthday none the less. Seeing him last week was the closest I have come to seeing him on his birthday in many years. I had a great time.

For his birthday, Mrs. T and I gifted him our priceless 1989 MB 190 E sedan. I pray it works out better than his Land Cruiser. I think it will, as long as he is out of Colorado before the snows come.

Odds and Ends

Progress on the pool house has been slow since I returned. A lot of time has been spent doing piddly miserable jobs like repairing electrical and plumbing problems.

The tile has been laid and grouted in both rooms, and fixtures have been installed. We ended up using extra tile pieces for the base boards. The main job left is painting, then we can replace light fixtures, towel bars, mirrors and fun things like that.

We haven't begun to dicker over paint colors yet. My current choice is RL's Vintage Master color Cloud Blue.

To my eye, its almost the color of the pool, and works with the blue doors. I'm likely to be told differently.

If the weather holds (we are expecting high temps near 70 all week) I will be able to paint beginning Tuesday. Just in time to close the pool.



David said...

That's a great blue, should be beautiful with the tile, which also looks really good. Feel free to use my endorsement to bolster your position as needed.

tintarosa said...

Lucky Bunky! Great gift. Your work on the pool house is great. We had a garage apartment and workshop at my old home. The best thing that could happen to that old heap was a match. I bulldozed it down after I encountered a 7 foot rat snake slithering out of it.

Anonymous said...

I like the blue, as well.

Handsome boy, Bunky. Nice birthday present, too. I bet he was pretty happy about that.

Kathleen said...

Was interrupted in the middle of my comment, hence the Anonymous signature. The Prussian Blue and Lisbon Blue look nice as well.

We're getting the great weather, too. I planted five inkberry hollies today and it was a pleasant experience without the summer heat.