Thursday, September 3, 2009


It may occasionally be easier being male.  I have finally reached the point in my life where my clothes closet is full. I have a lifetime worth of shirts and shoes and can probably with judicious weight loss and gain outlast most of my wardrobe.  Style is more my thing than fashion.  I'm never fashionable.

Other than a few accessories I may be done.  Or so I thought.

The photo above is from Scott Schuman's book, "The Sartorialist".

Looking at the above photo, I realized I'm short on waistcoats.  I generally avoid three piece suits, and have consequently not given much thought to vests.  What I didn't consider was the option of the odd vest

I have been scouring the fall catalogs for available styles.  I am thus far suitably unimpressed by fabric and cost, but I have been fabric shopping. Moleskin and tweed.  Something complimentary to go with tweeds in the closet.

My favorite Polish tailor is visiting the old country until mid October.  By then I may have some clever ideas for him. If you have a great source drop me a line.



Giuseppe said...

If you're considering odd vests, I say go for the four pocket style, with lapels.

Yellow tattersall, red boiled wool and patch tweed or corduroy are all snappy options.

Dickie said...

I dig them myself. Orvis always seems to peddle a few vests each year, especially around the holidays,which on a retail calendar means sometime in the next month or two.

I have to admit, while it took a bit for me to jump on this "trend" i have incorporated the waist coat by wearing my quilted barbour vest under my tweed sport coat with a tie and it works great!

Mrs. Blandings said...

"It may occasionally be easier being male." Occasionally?

Toad said...

Mrs. B, I was wondering if anyone would bite.

Michael B. said...

These are excellent, but at 185 per, they'd better be. ;>

Toad said...

Michael, I saw those, and I looked pretty closely at orvis, and it seems to me that a vest shouldn't be a $200 investment. Time to thrift, have some made or EBAY.

Michael B. said...

Toad, I'm with you. I could write a check but I like to think I still have some sense. ;)

Easy and Elegant Life said...

Might be worthwhile looking into cashmere as you won't need that much. I have a camel colour (OTR) that is comfortable. Favourites are yellow tattersall and grey doeskin. Portobello Road. £5 each.

DCLawyer said...

Brooks Brothers has a nice tweed in their catalog this fall.

For a full selection of vests (and suits and coats), however, try