Thursday, July 30, 2009

Men and their wallets

From I Luv Fashion

Do men feel the same way about their wallets as women do theirs? I wonder.

It's been my observation that men come in two flavors. They either feel compelled to carry everything they own in their pockets, or they don't. Fit me in the latter category.

As with the ubiquitous tie, carryall men can count on opening that little package each Fathers Day and act surprised when they open a new wallet, just like their old one. They then spend the rest of the day throwing out little scraps of paper and lint, restocking the new wallet, looking at the pictures once more, then slam it into their back pockets.

Their backs hurt and never understand why. God bless them.

My group on the other hand, can't stand things in our pockets. Our wallets, while they reflect nothing of our inner goodness, are selected by us, with care to provide a place for everything. The thought of someone else selecting our wallets sends shivers down our spines. We also tend to keep them forever.

I had the good fortune to find a wallet while in high school, that was to me the last word in what a wallet should be. It was just the right shade of brown, opened the right way, was just the right size. It lasted 35 years. I nearly wept when it died.

After it died I experimented a bit. Never one to live in the past I tried this Bosca breast pocket number. It came well recommended, but somehow it just didn't work for me. I don't always wear a jacket, and this is exactly as long as the front pocket in a pair of Bill's Khakis.

After much trial and error I've settled on something a bit more esoteric. In my working days a major client was an international architectural firm. All of the principals carried a pocket case which held a number of 3X5 index cards. The Ettinger case in the first photo is as close an approximation as I could find.

It works perfectly as a wallet. Just a tad larger than an index card it holds everything I need in practically no space. (Currently holding 5 index cards, drivers lic, 3 credit cards, library card, gym card,and $50.) Built like a tank too. I ought to get another 20 years out of it.

Below is a photo of mine. Fits perfectly in a breast or front pants pocket, and not a 1/2 inch wide.

Try it you'll like it.



Martha said...

I am as picky about my "billfold" as I call it as you are about your wallet -- and my DH likes only one kind so he is never gifted with them either.

And they are meant to last -- no new one every year -- no new one every five years . . . you get mileage out of them!

In our early married years DH's didn't last as long as they should -- too many washings. (New bride didn't realize that pockets weren't empty!)

So I do understand.

skorpeo said...

me likey. and as it turns out, i'm in the market for a new wallet. i might, perhaps, direct the missus to this post, as my birthday's coming up....

Dickie said...

I fall into the latter category as well, but until recently have had a breat pocket wallet.

It all started in high school when I carried the double version with check book holder attached. Then with debit cards it was replaced, but still breast pocket.

For almost 10 years I carried a breast pocket, upgrading from calf skin to alligator when my grandmother worked at a tannery, in my back pocket always getting the "your wallets about to fall out" only to pull it out and show the actual size.

Knock on wood, it never got pick pocketed - ever. No one even tried, even in when wearing jeans. It probably has something to do with the arrogance/confidence of attempting it equaling not wanting to mess with that guy, but who's to know.

Cavet: I do carry a card case for nights out though - ID, cash, insurance card, debit and credit, calling cards. Done.
Now that I saw this, my nice fold over will probably be stolen right out of the cozy back right pocket in which it resides.

Dumbwit Tellher said...

Men (probably like women) do get so attached to their wallets. When they fall apart, it's like a death of a loved one. I like you, like not a lot of fuss & nothing cumbersome.The less to carry the better!

Katy McIntyre said...

What's with the index cards?

Toad said...

Mrs. m: I am loath to use an electronical device to store things as simple as a shopping list or phone number. The card comes in handy for jotting simple notes.

Summer is a Verb said...

Babe falls into your category, can't stand stuff in his pockets including car keys and lip gloss. He is strictly a money clip guy. And, I carry my own gloss :(

Anonymous said...

I'm probably the odd one out here . . . have several wallets - some more luxurious than others but all sit on a shelf empty in my closet. As a lady, I'm fortunate in that I carry my license, cash, credit/insurance cards in the zipped pocket of my purse. All other items, lipstick, eye drops, etc. is in a little LV make-up holder made to carry in my purse. Why no wallet? Way back in in the late 80's, I was with my mom shopping in NYC and she had her wallet taken right out of purse. Our wonderful outing was ruined since everything she relied upon was taken. If someone wants my 'wallet' - they can have my LV 'purse' - I keep an expired credit card along with about $20 in it along with the lipsticks etc. Maybe someday I'll grow-up and get myself a wallet but most don't function well for me.

Sartre said...

I'm like you. I hate having extraneous stuff in my wallet -- which is tough these days: "Do you have a CVS card?" "Do you have a Best Buy card?" "Do you have your Rewards card?" etc.

Also, I keep mine in the tuchus pocket, which can hurt like hell. This is less an issue now that I've put on an extra layer of padding back there, but still...

ZZ said...

I'm with you on the wallet thing, less is more. Settled long ago on using a money clip for cash (front pocket) and a business card case for credit cards and ID (hip pocket). Bought four of the latter from Mark Cross twenty years ago and am not yet on number three.

David said...

It's funny how we all have such strong feelings about them. I'm a bi-fold only guy, either in my hip pocket or occasionally a small day bag if I don't have pockets. I hate sitting on a wallet. Most of the time it's in the console of my car.

I also keep a small "casino wallet" in the car with my casino club cards in it. When I go play I just move my cash and my drivers license and go.

Rob said...

this is the gold standard - a hybrid wallet/notetaker. I've been using it with great success for the last 10 years; made by levenger.