Thursday, February 5, 2009

What's your type?

Did you happen to see the story making the rounds last week about the importance many Japanese place on blood type. It was one of those "your blood type tells all about you", kind of things. Japanese Blood Types and Personality - Issendai's Lair

At first I dismissed the stories out of hand, much as I would the "what's your sign" articles that appeared some years ago. Then for research I read one, then another.

Why? They described me to a T. At first I figured they were just vague enough to throw everyone into the mix and pull out a smoothie at the end. So I read Mrs. T's. Nailed her too. She's pretty odd, so to be able to nail her in a few words, must indicate real science.

I am afraid to tell her about the study though. All indications are that she should be the next Empress of Imperial Japan.

Now if I could only remember her sign.



Martha said...

It describes my daughter to a "t" -- but falls short on my husband and myself.

Anonymous said...

I am totally off point here but I thought you might be interested to see how Bunny Tomerlin has apparently morphed:

Anonymous in NYC