Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Was I wrong?

Mrs. T accosted me the other day with "83% of rodeo boys are hurt each year".

I thought it would have been more.
"Why do they do it?", she asked. "It's for the girls, naturally", I replied.

"Girls like rodeo boys?"

"No, let me splain.
Some girls are dumb, but not most. Imagine a lass heads to a bar for a night out with her friends. Not so coincidentally, they are willing to let some dumb ass buy their drinks as long as they get off Scot free. They just has to find someone dumb enough to do it. If our lass finds a rodeo boy she's home free. He's proven dumb, and common sense tells her his gene pool should end with him."
"I'm not sure that's right", says Mrs T.
Gotta bettter idea?



Mrs. Blandings said...

You're wrong. There is something so appealing about those boys. Nearly every woman I know would say the same. Not marriage material, but, oh my.

Toad said...

This is obviously not only tongue in cheek, but also based upon geography.

Eastern Missouri calls itself the gateway to the west. St. Louis once advertised itself as the last eastern city.

Kansas City is the first western city. Culturally, the two towns are miles apart. Although all the money is in KC.

Save for last summers "who wants to be a farmers wife" show cowboys are slim pickins in Mayberry. They are thick on the ground in KC. They even have annual get- togethers. It was something I had a hard time getting used to.

Naturally, once I embraced it, it just became part of the fabric of the community.

Kathy said...

I'm with Mrs. Blandings on this one.

Gladys said...

Toad, it's because their butts look so good in those skin tight wranglers. The brown tobacco laden spit dribbling down the front of their shirts not so much. Wait no, I go with answer #2. It's for the drinks!;)