Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Not My Problem

For New Years, I published my thoughts on the perfect resolution. If it doesn't concern you, its not your problem, so let it go. I've been having a problem with that lately. So please bear with my rant. I'll feel better shortly.

I have temporarily gotten to the point where I just don't care. The news is all bad, even if you can find good news you know you're being lied to, and the rest just doesn't make sense.

Take yesterday for instance. California has to release tens of thousands of prisoners due to prison overcrowding. Still think the war on drugs makes any sense?

The name of the fertility doctor who implanted the mom who recently had the octuplets was released. Natch, he's got nothing to say on the subject. Is this news? Do we care? Mom's quoted as counting on god to help her out. I see human intervention coming myself. We'll be paying the next 21 years.

Baseball players take steroids. Surprise!!!

Sunday's NYT article on living in NY on $500k per year, sounded an awful like one Esquire, or was it NY Magazine ran 30 years ago, on living in NY on $100,000. Why do any of the affected parties still have jobs?

Where is the outrage?

Then think of the mindless crap we are told to worry about.

As George Carlin said, " It's all bullshit, and its bad for ya".

End of rant. Good Night Gracie.



kathleen said...

Thanks for the rant. Enjoyed it immensely.

Toad said...

i hope it was as good for you as it was for me.

ADG said...

I'm with you on the rant.....100%

The Sunday NY Times was like driving by a car wreck...I didn't want to look...but I ended up reading it cover to cover. I'm slightly younger than you Toad, but not by a ton and I keep telling myself that I'm too young to be this cynical...but it's freakin' trippy(to loosely paraphrase one of the Arquette sisters from Pulp Fiction) out there right now.

I wouldn't give too much of a sh_t amidst my disgust...I'd just carry on, doing what I can for my own need to be self sufficient as well as helping my community and loved ones the best I can. However, I've got an eight year old little girl. What in the world is she headed for?

Thanks for letting me rant back atcha. Now back to some revenue producing behaviors.

Gladys said...

Toad I sometimes, no make that often, find the news offensive. This morning I read an article by some self-prompted pompus real estate broke stating that the housing crash was over. We had reached bottome and NOW was the time to go out and buy, buy, buy. How dare she tout her rubbish such! Did she not read that Nissan, GM and various other large corporations have just laid of tens of THOUSANDS of workers. This is a whole new round of foreclosures. GET A CLUE people! We were sold a load of bullshit before don't try to keep bullshitting me now.
OK sorry, didn't mean to get up on my soap box. Could you help me down now?

ADG said...


I'll help you down from the soapbox only to enable me getting back on it.

We are about to see another tsunami of foreclosures when the next wave of subprimes "re-set". Also, local markets are centric and only locals know certain realities. I live in Old Town Alexandria...it's lovely, it's historic, it's 7 miles from the U.S. Capitol....desirable area. USA Today just observed that Old Town real estate prices are only down 3% compared to other markets in Virginia, Maryland and the District.

Bullsh_t. It's mathmatically true today but it won't be in 60 days.I know of over 100 townhomes that will, in the midst of developer Chap. 11, be foreclosed and auctioned within the next two months. One group of them is about a driver away from my house...or if you are Tiger Woods...a lob wedge. So much for my house equity.

Whew...I need a cigarette after that rant and I don't even smoke.

Katy McIntyre said...

My husband has similar rants on a daily basis.

Toad said...

I do not know about your area, but I am waiting for the commercial real estate shoe to drop around here.

There are any number of half filled malls, and shopping centers. Lots of closing retailers. Hell, only 590k working people lost their jobs last month. Thank goodness they are not making more dirt.

Gladys said...

ADG Thanks for the hand. Toad in California it has already hit the skids.

We are in Moaningtana building just that an Office Building. It is gorgeous and we (my husband) have a class A tenant. The problem? The prices are at 1999 price per foot. We (my husband) built it at 2008 price per foot.

My husband is a developer and let me tell you we have looked at going other places and it's the same everywhere. I'm thinking a sunny beach on some deserted island watching the sunset eating coconut and fish that we catch ourselves is our next move. :)

Toad said...

This weeks New Yorker has an article about he state of housing in and around Ft. Meyers Florida (Sanibel). The entire economy there is predicated upon someone moving in.

when the housing bubble broke, the entire town dried up. the story has kept me up at night.

Locally, in Mayberry, the propery tax assessor says that there has been no drop in home values, and assessed valuations are unlikely to change this year.

Free Kansas said...

"I can gather all the news I need from the weather report" --- Paul Simon