Sunday, February 15, 2009

NMP in real life. A Baseball Editorial

Spring training is underway and as revealed on these pages last week, many professional baseball players take steroids. So what?

Frankly, I don't care if they smoke crack in the dugout. My reason for sharing this bit of news is this.

I've grown sick of hearing about how "he" took steroids, and so did Mr. X, and Mr. Y and Mr. Z.

The people with the most to gain or lose if baseball is juiced, the owners, the players, and Major League Baseball don't give a hoot. Why should you? So what if MLB is on par with the WWF?

If you have some moralistic "purity of the game" jones about you, I encourage you to stay home and spend more time watching your kids play Little League. Otherwise get over yourself. Don't beat yourself up over what's not your problem. Your crocodile tears won't fix anything.

Let the junkies play in peace.



David said...

Our Senate even held hearings on this grave danger in 2004.

The country has polarized, rich vs. poor, liberal vs. conservative, democrat vs. republican, and our elected officials are up in arms over who's on the juice in MLB. No wonder things are a mess.

ADG said...

It was just a metaphorical "slow day" here inside the Beltway when our elected officials on the Hill decided it was within their realm as well as beneficial to the overall moral health of the country,to hold hearings.

Now that things are a bit more pressing on the Hill, the windbags have bigger things to crow over. Good luck getting a "juice" hearing now.

Toad said...

I don't believe anyone wants a juice hearing. What I want is to accept the fact the players are juiced and move on. No one but a couple of sports writers care.