Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Designers take note

I do not wake up cute.

I know, it was a revelation to me too. At the risk of sounding like I am apologizing, I am afraid I may have to give Mrs. Schnabel her due. Perhaps PJ's are to be commended. At the least, I probably owe my bride an apology.

Let me tell you what brought this on. Our home on Sanibel was comparatively tiny. 390 square feet. Includes living room, bedroom, kitchen, and bath.

I readily admit that I have no grounding in design, and neither feign knowledge of this subject nor would some say practice it, somewhere in the back of my cluttered mind though, I think mirrors are used to as a design element to expand space. Add light to tiny areas, etc. Our apartment used mirrors in spades.

Now I ask you. What kind of hellion would install mirrored closet doors, the entire length of your bed, within an arms length of your pillow?

After a certain age, the kink factor of giant mirrors in a bedroom losses some of its appeal. But imagine if you will, waking up in the morning, and the first thing you see is your own visage staring back at you. God, it's frightening.

Mrs. T., I apologize. You shouldn't have had to have been subjected to that all these years. For better or for worse not withstanding. My friends, waking up next to me more than twice may constitute a new definition of love.



Katy McIntyre said...

I love the new picture! Welcome back. :)

Giuseppe said...

I think I may place a mirror by the bed just so I can get a sense of what poor Mrs. G wakes up to. Who knows, it might be good for the marriage.

Perhaps you should patent the concept and sell it to a quack psychologist.

ms. mindless said...

i am dying laughing over the first line of your post.