Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Brooks Brothers

I found this picture on Mr. Mort ,then made up a copy of the shirt on Brooks Brothers, on-line, made to order shirt section site. Blue and white uni-stripe OCBD with contrasting white collar. The cuffs are standard, ie shirt body color. I was unsure whether to go with French or barrel cuffs. Most probably I'd go barrel and convert them to link cuffs later.

While neither fish nor fowl I kinda like it. Might look good with the white linen suit,eh?

Any thoughts? (the picture is from the BB fall '09 collection) My trigger finger is getting antsy.



Martha said...

I like it. I've always been fond of white collars that don't match the shirt. So I'd press that button!

ADG said...

Toad....great shirt....also fetching under a navy blazer. I've got an old navy blue stripe in broadcloth...white collar and white barrel cuffs. 15 years old and I still love the shirt. Alas, it has a monogram though... "oppo five". Leave it to me to "trashy it up".

My inspiration for having the shirt made was a picture of economist Eliot Janeway in a 1978 issue of Esquire magazine...sporting the same version in red stripes...white button down. I was a freshman in undergrad, working in a men's clothing store.

Just found a picture of Janeway in same style shirt from Life magazine...so I'm thinkin' that it was his standard fare for many years.

ADG said...


Just posted a picture of Janeway on my monogram post...sporting a variation of your desired shirt.

Gladys said...

Toad I've always been a fan of this look. I remember when I worked for a wealthy oil tycoon and he wore these from BB and had his initials monogramed on everything. For Christmas he bought me a blouse that matched this shirt to a T. (Remember this was in the Annie Hall Days) That I wore with a skirted suite and tie.

Toad said...

What I like most about this is the juxtaposition of the casual OC and formal contrasting collar.

ms. mindless said...

i like it

preppyplayer said...

At first it seemed to be too much of a contrast for me. casual/dressy. It's growing on me though.
I am too conservative!

Giuseppe said...

It's a cool shirt. When do you ever see a button down contrast collar?

It's different, but not in a pushy way. It would look great with a khaki cotton suit, or white pants and a blue double breasted blazer, or open at the throat with khakis and a pink v-neck sweater.