Friday, February 27, 2009

Food Cravings

In spite of my irregular eating habits, or perhaps because of them, I sometimes get the darndest cravings.

To my mind cravings come in two varieties. The first, more common, is the gotta have it now sort.

For instance I woke up the other day,and after a cup or two of coffee I realized I needed a roast beef sandwich and I needed one now. Not the Arby's skinny beef on a hamburger bun type, but a real honest to goodness roast beef sandwich, on french bread with a bit of au jus. A decent plate of fries would be nice too. Atypical bar food.

Unfortunately it wasn't as easy as it sounds and we ended up on a 50 mile round trip escapade. If you're ever near Mayberry, I recommend O'Connells for roast beef sammys. We had one there, and brought one home. They'll make more.

The second and more damaging is the planned, when I next get to that city, I am going there and having such and such. Invariably these turn out badly.
Many a vacation highlight has turned into a lowlight when we finally got to a destination restaurant and found it completely underwhelming. If you ever planned to hit The Lady and Sons, in Savannah, I'd recommend not.
For better or worse we have two such junkets planned in the near future. The first will be perfect. It always is. We are off to the world's greatest restaurant, Arthur Bryant's of Kansas City next weekend. At the end of the month we're off to NOLA.

Mrs. T won a contest,and the prize was up to a week's lodging in NOLA, with $500 to spend at a list of well known diners. Our visit happens to coincide with the one time local boy, Tennessee Williams Literary Festival. I'm hoping for the best, expecting the worst, and anticipating a couple of fine beignets in between.



longwing said...


Renovation Therapy said...

beignets!! sigh...

ADG said...

Toad...Mandinas...on Canal Street in Mid-City. Start with Turtle Soup...then the Trout Almondine. They've "renovated" since I've been there so that might mean trouble and be a sign of lowbrow patina-ambience lost.

It was my favorite spot when I lived there 15 years ago. Screen credit only and as good as any of the high brow spots.

David said...

Arthur Bryants? Really? I've always been more of a Gates guy.