Saturday, February 7, 2009

Coincidence or....

The Toads are no more green than any other family. For bonafides, I present Camilla , our on a good day 8 mile per gallon road warrior. Howver, we may have recently redefined what it means to be green.

With apologies to someone whose blog I read regularly, but as I write this cannot remember who, I remember reading of a wonderful family extolling the virtues of their new tank less water heater. Sunday driving home from Florida, I heard a commercial on the radio for one, and told Mrs T that one of these days we should look into buying one. One of these days was Wednesday.

After the propane man left I could not restart one of our water heaters. Soon afterward the massive flood began. The next morning I was at Lowes. That was a trip.

For starters, before spending vast sums at Lowes, stop by your local post office. In their change of address/moving packet is a 10% off coupon for Lowes. It's good until the end of June. Use it!

I did my research online and was about to order from Lowes web site, but they would not accept my new found coupon. So I drove the mile to the store, found that it had to be special ordered, but was $120 less in the store than online. The lower price less the 10% post office coupon.

That's my kind of green.



Gladys said...

Why oh why is it that your water heater always goes out when you are either.
1. On a trip and you come home to find the great flood in your living room.
2. You have just returned from a trip and you are exhausted and wish to take a nice long hot shower.

3. Preparing to leave, as in walking out the door, for a trip.

Renovation Therapy said...

Love it! Rock on with your coupon.

kathleen said...

We have a tankless water heater and it is one of the things that I do like about our house. We never run out of hot water, though it sometimes takes a while to reach the faucet. Nonetheless, I'm quite pleased with it.