Sunday, February 8, 2009

Gone Country

First I must confess.

I shouldn't admit this but both country and western music make me want to gag. Let's understand this or the meaning of this post will elude you. I do not enjoy c&w music. I do not like it here, I do not like it there. I don't mind if you enjoy it, so long as you do so silently. I could not pick any C&W singer out of a lineup. Couldn't/wouldn't hum a tune. Don't know the names, who's good or bad, alive or dead. I most assuredly do not seek acountry or western intervention.

Admittedly, I know nada about which I write, except the aforementioned, I don't care for it please.

But somehow, I have come to enjoy CMT's Gone Country. If you are blessedly unfamiliar with the show, the premise is simple.

Take a half dozen or so shameless former music performers, who have immediate tax or alimony payment trouble and put them on a reality TV show which attempts to fashion new careers for the lost as country music personalities.

This year's saps include the inimitable Sheila E, George Clinton, and Mikey Dolenz amongst others. Just try and wrap your head around the P-Funk All Stars as a country band, I dare ya.

What intrigues me about the show, is the same thing the first season or two of the Donald did. The Donald's early years were morality plays. Work hard, out compete succeed. This is much the same, but for has beens, or never weres.

Its on almost constantly on CMT, but you most likely will find it Saturday nights.



News Readin' Wife said...

It can't be any worse than all of the other "reality" nonsense on television. Although, I recently saw a promo for a reality show about jockeys that I think may be interesting.

Renovation Therapy said...

I am right there with you. I did a post a week or two ago about how I am now addicted to that show.

George Clinton is a God. A smelly God, but a God nonetheless.

Toad said...

Corrected: I know my bride watched the Jockies but didn't comment, so I suspect it didn't pass muster.

George certainly took some of the sting out of the bad old days. Sheila E has always been a favorite. To hell with Prince, she was the revolution.