Thursday, February 26, 2009

Sloth is deeply under-rated


Sloth is a deeply misunderstood virtue.

I concede that once upon a time, sloth could be massively inconvenient, but times change and so do our vices. Sloth has not changed with the times.

By the time you reach your majority a slothful person has learned to respond to criticism by saying "I'm thinking a problem through. I want to be thorough." Eventually, you may come up with some great idea, and people outside the family will begin to believe you're pretty smart. Two great answers and you'll be known as a genius, and even your family will talk about you throughout the generations.

This brings me to the point of today's discussion. Toad's Garden.

I like to garden. I'm patient, slowly learning what grows on the property and what doesn't. I'm observing the large rats to see what they eat and what they avoid, and ever so slowly I am developing an eye for what should go where.

Often Mrs. T will inquire "what the h are you doing, just wandering around the yard?" "Just thinking the problem through", I'll respond.

You see, she wants grass and she wants it now. Forget the facts. It's February, and we live in the woods. She wants it, it better be green, and it better be thick, and it better be there by early May. No can do, but I can't tell her that.

So I thought the problem through. I was thorough. I developed an answer. It's green, it's free, it's thick, it's now, it doesn't need cutting, requires little watering, and looks and feels really good on the toes.

Let me introduce Toad's Moss Garden.

While I thought the problem through, a moss garden came. So far its only spread about 1/4 acre, with about 20 feet more to grow to complete the upper lawn.

Being a slothful Toad, I didn't do a thing. The spores were in/on the ground. The Iron Horse, and leaf blower spread them around last fall, a wet winter helped them become established and now I have lots of green. It's still a bit early to walk on it, but its coming long nicely. I spent most of Monday clearing it of debris. Mrs. T may be coming around to the idea I'm competent.

I'm now thinking on the front yard . That might take a couple of years, but I think it will be worth nature's effort. In a year or two I can dazzle my bride with how well I planned it.

Who says Toad's aren't green?



kathleen said...

Sloth was on my mind, just yesterday. I had to think through the problem of linen storage and why it wasn't happening.

Gardening. Isn't it wonderful how our gardens present us with excellent solutions? Growing moss, I believe, is very vogue these days. If you have sufficient shade, I believe your moss will thrive through the summer.

ADG said...

That shade of green looks like the seat covers on my old '73 Maverick!

Sartre said...

Clover looks green from far away, too, and it's easy to grow.