Monday, February 9, 2009

The Evil Eye

To our peril, we have forgotten the evil eye.

Mrs. T has it, but mercifully uses it sparingly. In my presence she has used it 3 times with surprising results. The first was on the woman at the drivers license store, who told Mrs T she flunked her eye test. A week later the license store closed.
Next, was on the woman who purchased our house 2 years ago. The woman was deceptive and took advantage of our better nature. Since purchasing the house, she has spent $100k plus personalizing it, and has had it for sale since July for $150K less than she paid us for it.
Most recently was Friday night. I have mentioned before that Mrs. T is a gambler. Each week her preferred casino sends her a coupon. She shows up, the casino hands her $50. Usually she walks in takes the 50 and goes home. Monday -Thursday are her preferred days. Believe me they get their $50 back.
This month, the casino's management decided to conduct a study. What if they withheld mailings for 10% of their best customers. How would they react?
Friday, Mrs. T went to collect her $50 seed money and was told nada, she was part of the study. she was signed up for March though. Calmly and coldly Mrs. T announced to her host that she would return in March. Until then, you'll find her at the casino next door. Then the general manager got the evil eye. I'll let you know how that turns out.


Gladys said...

Oh, Toad, my mother Meme had the evil eye. Let me tell you right here and now you did not want to get the Stink Eye from Meme. Especially if she did it in conjuction with the spit thing. Run I tell you run if your wife starts spitting venom.

ms. mindless said...

wow. you will have to keep us updated on what happens to that manager. i am afraid of my own evil eye. in college, this horrible girl did something terrible to me, and i joked that i wished she would get hit by a bus. two months later, she was in intensive care because she got HIT BY A BUS. in high school, a really trashy girl crossed me, and i told her that she had loose morals and would amount to nothing. the following month, she got pregnant. she never finished high school. the third time i really gave someone the evil eye, they fell off a boat into the chesapeake. he didn't die, but...i am now afraid of my evil eye. i can't imagine what else could happen!

Toad said...

Thanks for the warning Gladys. I usually keep a shamrock in my pocket. My granny believed it warded off the mal occhio, and I hope it still works.

Ms M: the eye is real and needs to be respected.

Giuseppe said...

The Boy is about to become big brother to our Little Girl in just a few weeks time.

I'm scared to death that baby girl will posess the evil eye, which my grandmother, Elvira, could turn you to stone with.

But she could never work the evil eye on her loving Daddy...could she...?

Pigtown-Design said...

In our family, it's called the Charleston look. It was a killer.