Saturday, February 14, 2009

Haunted Houses

Ever live in a haunted house?

It's tough to find find one in a standard suburban neighborhood, but in urban areas, or country houses I think they may be more plentiful than you want to believe. I've lived in several, and I am not yet certain that The Park isn't also.

Now I'm not talking about the nonsense you find on The Travel Channel, or TLC. Not The Ghost Hunters or any of that other rot. I'm talking about houses that have more than your family living in them.

I truly believe that house take on the personality of their owners. We personalize our homes to fit our needs and wants. We also invest a lot of energy dreaming about our homes, what we would do it we had the taste, time or budget. I think a lot of that karmic energy is absorbed into the very floorboards of our houses.

That may be why when house shopping we can feel if a house is right 10 seconds after opening the front door the first time. Successful Realtors know that how a house "feels" sells the house faster than how it meets our needs. They also know that if you're on the fence about a house, its energy will help you decide.

One of the "haunted" houses I have lived in had a very negative energy, and that fairly quickly drove us out of it. The family we sold to, also had a bad experiences there.

The Park, was owned for a long time by one family. The energy is good, and the vibe is more playful than off putting. Somehow it speaks to us, when it needs attention, and somehow we always find the right guy to deal with its needs. The previous owner died suddenly here. I can feel his presence at the strangest times, and its always comforting. I love this house.



Mom on the Run said...

I agree with you on the gut thing. We were not looking for a house when we moved into the house we have now, and we definitely weren't of a mind to move into the "new" one. But both felt just right in the gut.

We're still at a standstill on that. And the $15,000 tax credit for houses purchased in 2009 got taken out of the stimulus package. Errrgh.

Gladys said...

Yes I have lived in a haunted house an have even seen the ghost. I learned to love my ghost. I loved that he would sing opera and walk the halls when I was in the big old house by myself.

ADG said...


1. Good on you and yours for tucking in to a house that functions also as the last location of someone's final breath. A buddy back home and his wife stole a center hall colonial....80 years old....good dream house. And, I kid you not, they actually sleep in the "murder bedroom". Oy.

2. Bonfire of the Vanities has been on your nightstand/reading list for too long. You shoulda knocked that one out by now.

Toad said...

I read Bonfire over and over.

Working one of the best books ever. The Black Swan. I'll report soon.

Martha said...

Toad -- we love Linderhof and knew from the moment we stepped inside that it was "home" -- so I know what you mean.

Cantabridgian David said...

I stumbled onto your blog from "midwesternmalaise" blogspot. I agree with your point about sometimes instantly knowing that a house is the "right one". That happened to me in 1974, I've been here ever since. This house (a Victorian built in 1876) has been a great source of both joy and despair, as well as sharing with me my personal joys and despairs.

Much of it has not been updated since probably the 1930's -- those are my favorite parts. I wouldn't say it has "ghosts", but it does still have the imprint of several former residents. My husband died in the room I am now sitting in, I do feel his spirit still in my life, especially in the house and in this room.

As for the house "telling me it needs something" there have been times that I have been inexplicably drawn to the basement or to the hall, there to find dripping water or something else that needs attention.

Thanks for writing this, I will be back to look at other articles you write.

katiedid said...

A good friend of mine insists our house is haunted. She says it is a friendly ghost that has moved her belongings around in our guest room when she stays with us. I have never felt any presence, but I think my younger daughter has. Built in 1911, the house deserves a friendly ghost, if for nothing else than a good story by the fire.

Toad said...

I am finding this discussion fascinating. A rational world would tell us we are all nuts, frankly I believe otherwise.

kathleen said...

I know exactly what you mean. Our former house only had one other owner who had lived there for about 60 years. It was a good place, and it gave off that vibe. I always felt cared for somehow in that house. And, I always felt like the house and I were old friends. Weird, I know.

Renovation Therapy said...

My house was built in 1830. I don't think it's haunted, but there is one guest bedroom that I'm not fond of sitting in when I'm home alone. If I'm on my way home, my Mom who lives with us makes sure to close that door. Hmmm.

Pigtown-Design said...

The house where I work is about 175 years old. The other week, I was walking in the hall and saw a shadow moving in a room. When I peeked in to see who was there, the room was empty. This house has always had a tradition of philanthropy and generosity associated with it, so I am sure it was a genial ghost.

The house where I grew up was haunted. A child had died there falling down the front stairs and then someone else had jumped from a window. Lights and water would go on and off, but nothing malicious.