Monday, November 29, 2010

Sometimes things never change

I'm becoming my father.

I realized much too late that my father was a car guy. He just had an odd way of showing it. From the early 1960's through the mid 80's, every 3 years he ordered a Chevy Impala. Convertible, coupe, sedan, hot rod, he had them all. Six in a row in fact (1961-1984).

In reaction to a lifetime of the same, I have never purchased the same car twice. My bride on the other hand likes what she likes, and doesn't much care for change. To Mrs. T a car is an appliance. (I wrote about it lovingly here.) It better work. It had better be big enough to carry all the grandkids, their stuff, our stuff and any other stuff.

Her last two cars have been trouble free Mercury Grand Marquis's. Imagine a police cruiser. It looks like that.

Since I broadcast that I was looking for a car, Mrs. T and her land yacht have been in a serious accident. Early in the week, her yacht was laid to rest by the insurance adjuster. My car search went on hold, while we replaced "the family car".

Unthinkingly male, I foolishly said "that deep down, I really couldn't do 3 Merc's in a row. We've done it, time to move on," That was met with "it just saved my life, it's reliable", and other sensible girl rationalizations along with a rasher of hot tongue and cold shoulder. Mrs. T eventually did consent to an open minded look see. Like the trooper she is, she went.

Armed with your suggestions we looked, we narrowed, we drove, we reached a compromise. Then we got home.

On top of the mail was an advert from a local dealer. The ad read,"We have a boatload of pre owned 2010 Grand Marquis's. Each has 10,000 miles and is priced at 55% of the original sticker." So what if Mercury is an orphan brand, so am I.

The car Mrs. T WANTED all along, in the right color, right trim, and thousands less than our compromise choice? It's a done deal.

It looks exactly like this.

The New York Times had a wonderful obit for the GM on Sunday. Mrs T's comes home tomorrow.



Shelley said...

I drove a second hand Marquis for a while, well third-hand. For years I drove husband 1's cast-offs til they broke down and left me in a lurch. The Marquis I remember best for the summer the electric windows and A/C went at the same time and summer in OKC is bad news. I only lived about a mile from work (through a scary neighbourhood), but the drive home made me absolutely ill. Solution? Husband bought another car and I got his next cast off... Good for Mrs T getting what she wants.

ADG said...

Avis has, from time to time, had one or a Crown Vic waiting for me at various airports. I feel like I'm driving a house!

house things said...

Glad you and Mrs. T found the right car. (I think of cars as appliances, too!)

SouthernProletariat said...

My darling Toad, have you never heard the phrase, "if mama ain't happy- nobody's happy?"...let the woman have what she wants.

Then go buy yourself whatever blasted car *you* want. Zen is achieved.

Anonymous said...

"Mrs. T and her land yacht have been in a serious accident"

My gosh, I hope she's ok. Mrs. T must be more than a little shook by such an experience, hope she regains her equilibrium soon. The observation that the Merc saved her life is nothing to sniff at, it sure gets my attention. Best to you both, F.

Suburban Princess said...

I hope MrsT is ok! Sorry to hear she had an accident.

My dad has always driven huge cars like that - a GM for a while, CrownVic for a while too - I can barely see over the dashboard.

JMW said...

Clearly it was meant to be! My dad had one of those for a while - it was definitely desitned for a police cruiser or taxi cab status. Glad to hear your wife was not injured in her accident.

Toad said...

Mrs T thanks each of you for your regards. She is sore yet grateful for not being more sore.

In the past decade I have gone from car guy to it's just a car. If that is what she wants, what do I care, eh?

James said...

I must echo Flo , I hope she is OK.

Staircase Witch said...

Yes, my first thought on reading this was concern for Mrs. T. If a car got me through a nasty accident relatively unscathed, I'd want another one just like it. Glad you were able to find one you wanted.

I still have a nostalgic hankering for my parents' old Country Squire station wagon. It was hideous, but it was a tank. We had it for sixteen years, and I learned to drive in it. Woe to the driver who carelessly rear-ended it or recklessly attempted to turn left in front of it: their car would sustain thousands in damage at a minimum, but ours would merely get dinged. Modern SUVs have nothing on that car.

Patsy said...

Oh, I'm glad Mrs. T is OK! Thank you Grand Marquis!

If it gets boring, buy a lift kit and some headers.

David said...

I'm glad Mrs. T is okay. My mom drove a series of Buick Park Avenues and is now on her second LaCrosse. She's also hit a lot of things, deer, light poles, my car parked in the driveway (twice). Victim or cause, we can't argue with the safety of surrounding the women we love with lots of car.