Sunday, November 28, 2010

Happy Birthday Nancy Mitford

Happy Birthday Nancy!!!!!

If you are unfamiliar with her writing, try her 2 semi-autobiographical novels, "The Pursuit of Love" and "Love in a Cold Climate". Perfect holiday escape literature.

If you've a fan of 20th century Brit Lit on your holiday shopping list, you could do far worse than the Penguin re-release boxed set "Love From Nancy" which includes "Love in a Cold Climate", "The Pursuit of Love", "Don't Tell Alfred", "The Blessings" and "Wigs on the Green"

Francophiles on your gift list will appreciate receiving a copy of her biographies of Voltaire, The Sun King and Madame De Pompadour.

Give her a try. She knew everyone worth knowing,was funny, sarcastic, a great tease and a wonderful writer. All may be found at her war time employer, Heywood Hill



Mistress Cynica said...

Her letters, especially those she exchanged with Evelyn Waugh, are also wildly funny. Love her.

Shelley said...

Can't wait to try one of her books!

OldSchool said...

Toad said...

Shelley, check your library for a copy of the Masterpiece Theater production. It's a very good intro to Nancy. Obviously, the books are MUCH better, but it's an entertaining way to dip your toe into pre war Brit lit.

Kathie Truitt said...

I am currently reading her sisters (Deborah Devonshire aka The Dowager Duchess of Devonshire) book "Home to Roost (and other peckings)". It's hilarious. When I finish it I am going to read her memoir "Wait for Me."

Toad said...

Kathie, "Counting My Chickens" is a worthy read as well.