Sunday, November 14, 2010

Prince Charles - Birthday Boy

Talk about a tough job. A truly bifurcated life. Before mom dies, after mom dies. It would make anyone schizophrenic. Today's birthday boy is perhaps the most misunderstood man in the world, a dreamer, or the village idiot, and those that know which aren't telling.

Father, husband, sportsman, car guy, businessman he has done it all, every step of the way in the public eye, receiving a daily deluge of controversy for every utterance, idea and articulated thought he may have. For the most part, he has borne his responsibilities well, marching to his own drummer.

I like the guy, mostly for speaking his mind, forcefully when necessary. Anyone who is a thorn in side of greed heads and land rapers gets my vote. Hell of a dresser too.

Happy Birthday, Charles



JMW said...

I have to say, for the longest time I did not like him, because I was such a fan of Diana. But, over time, the more you heard about the kind of father he is and to hear his sons talk about him, I think I've come around.

Silk Regimental said...

"Anyone who is a thorn in side of greed heads and land rapers gets my vote."

I'd love to quote you!

Toad said...

Silk Regimental feel free.

Anonymous said...

Now there is very nice example of the "rumpled linen jacket" you mentioned wanting in posts past, you wanted one in black I think, I like the cut of his jacket and that flax color, how about one in each color.

Toad said...

Charles has always looked fabulous in double breasted jackets, except for one awful DB tweed number, which was probably the DOW's.

What I like about that photo, taken last year in the Galapagos is how Chuck's people thoughtfully provided the proper ribbon for island exploring.

NCJack said...

The man has tons of responsibility, no real authority, can't just pop down to the pub or coffeehouse to socialize, and couldn't do it in jeans and loafers even then.

Yet he seems to have a good attitude about it all, and a gracious manner. God bless him.