Saturday, August 7, 2010

Mrs. T's car

Once upon a time I was a car guy. I've had lots of silly cars and have spent thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours keeping hazard waste running well past its time.

Unsurprisingly, Mrs. T is more pragmatic, and is descended from a long line of pragmatists. She doesn't care what it is, as long as it behaves exactly like her refrigerator. It must run always, maintenance free. Over time I have come to accept that her view makes more sense than mine.

Since a car is merely transportation a lot of shopping time is freed. Her family has judged the Mercury Grand Marquis their car of choice. It's large, cheap, economical. Designed in the mid 1960's and continuously updated since, most of the bugs are finally worked out. The actual average buyer's age is 72. Our extended family has 7 of them and has taken the news of Mercury's closing hard.

Mrs. T likes her car. Its a 2005, has 85,000 miles and has required very little upkeep. According to EBAY Motors I can replace it for around $8000 US. Remember this number.

Someone backed into the rear passenger door yesterday. Gratefully they stopped, were insured, and suitably apologetic.

Our insurance company told us to call they other guy's company. They said get an estimate. We did.... $1975. HUH?

Hit both doors and the car would have been totaled.



house things said...

I share Mrs. T's pragmatic view of cars. I don't want to think of them much at all. They simply exist to get one from point a to point b. After almost 30 years, I've finally brought my husband around to my way of thinking.

That is an expensive repair, considering....What will you do now that Mercury is history?


Suburban Princess said...

My husband has no interest in cars - as long as it is safe, runs and gets his favourite radio station he is happy. I always say his car is a fine example of 'sales rep chic' as I could never find it in a parking lot or pick it out of a lineup!

I on the other hand...I think my car makes a statement about who I am.

I am surprised the insurance company didn't tell you to get more than one quote - if it's anything like the roofing quotes we got that were 5k apart you might find the prices vary quite a bit.

David said...

I wish I were like Mrs. T, but I'm a slave to the interiors. I need leather and buttons. When I got the LR3 I was already a fan of the exterior, but the array of controls and switches inside is what sold me. I'll never use half of them.

Dumbwit Tellher said...

Oddly enough the husband & I were having a conversation today about a truck that was totaled after having only bumper damage. The body itself was not damaged. Changed days. I wish I were more like your wife. I love cars; style, gadgets and fast. The same applies for motorcycles. I dare say, post mid-life crisis! I'm sorry for your and Mrs. T's loss / :

Patsy said...

My car has to start at the train station every time it's asked to and handle as much snow as New England throws at it - otherwise I don't much care, except for heated seats.

Style is reserved for my scooter!