Sunday, November 7, 2010

I can't find my phone

An advantage to not having a cell phone is I never lose it. Mrs T has one, and more than once (a week) I'm asked to ring up her phone so the light on the keypad will illuminate and she will be able to locate it in her purse. But suppose you are by yourself, in a strange city, hotel room, or office then what do you do?

Someone at I can't find my phone thought this would be a really great idea. I don't get it myself, Google Phone is another way to accomplish the same thing, but......

Also, while you were sleeping someone stole Daylight Savings Time. It is now Standard Time. Don't be late for church. We have elected to fall forward at our house this season. We'd rather have it light later into the evening. I suggest you go with whatever works best for you.



North of 25A said...

I could not find my phone for several days last week. Looked everywhere. I really did not mind. Why is it that everytime someone has a thought they think they need to call someone; because they can? It seems I mailed the phone to my niece in a gift package for my great-nephew. My daughter told me that she found my phone when she saw Facebook pictures of the little fellow with his new Blackberry from Aunt Colleen. I don't think even the mighty Google could have helped me with that one.

preppyplayer said...

No. You really don't have a cell phone?
I am impressed AND intrigued.
Do your kids get SO frustrated that they can't text/call/ or reach you wherever, whenever?
And, is it a big topic of conversation with all your friends, as in 'when the hell is he going to finally get a cell phone?" LOL
Seriously, I am jealous. i wish my loved ones couldn't always find me.