Monday, November 1, 2010

Is Ralph out of his mind?

At first glance I thought maybe, just maybe Ralph had finally lost his mind. The more I thought about the more certain I became of it. Finally, the true genius of the plan hit me. Ralph, old boy, my hat's off to you. Not only did you have to endure teams of naysayers, the economy is not righters, pragmatists and non visionaries, but once again, you had to show the bastards the power of the brand.

Desperate times require men of vision. Dreamers. Doers, not nit-pickers.

I received an email of the weekend announcing Ralph's New Amercian Icon collection.

By chance, I clicked the accessories link. $275 for a leather D ring belt felt steep, and not much in this sector appealed. Reminded too much to the western stuff of 20 years or so ago.

Then I tried the shirts. Oxford plaids, tartans, denim in classic and custom fit all competitively priced. The pants; cord, moleskin, twill appeared good value as well.

Like all collections not everything will appeal to all shoppers, but overall I think Ralph has a hit on his hands. Timing the intro for the holidays is another great touch. If the stores have inventory for Christmas, they'll sell bunches.



Vernon said...

I cannot decide who is the most overpriced, Ralph or Ben Silver.

Toad said...

Silver by a landslide