Monday, November 15, 2010

Aladdin's Cave

Our home has 3 bedrooms which are each used perhaps 5 nights per year. The smallest, or kids room, collects everything that doesn't have a home. So I re purposed it.

A four wall, 2 window box in the northwest corner of the house. Furnished only with a trundle bed, bakers rack, child's desk and an old rocker.

I missed having my stuff strewn about. So I moved the bed and bakers rack, took an old oriental from the basement, built a drop down tabletop desk, and hung some favorite photos.

As it becomes more cluttered, it's beginning to feel more cozy.

That's Charlie on the pillow under the desk. Ted prefers the wood floor on the other side.

I'm waiting for a rainy day to paint a 4 foot by 4 foot panel on the right wall with blackboard paint. I've been warned that this room still needs to be used as a bedroom, so a complete paint redo is out of the question, but I can get away with some kind of kid fun.

My next adventure will be making curtains. I collect fabric and while searching through my box of treasures I've come up with 3 candidates. The walls are a whitish yellow.

A gun check cotton.

An old silk sari.

Or a cotton plaid.

I'm leaning towards the sari.

Still missing is a comfy reading chair, and decent lighting. One thing at a time right?



James said...

Well done Toad,every man should have a creative space to enjoy.I wish you many happy moments there.

Silk Regimental said...

I'd lean toward the plaid for the curtains - but that's just me. Comfort and creativity rule.

Pigtown-Design said...

silk sari. i have a ton of them from an auction lot, and am dying to try something amazing.

Flo said...

Big smile on face! I too have a playpen, and the first thing I did was to order two 4' x 6' slabs of self-stick 1/4" corkboard. And up on the wall they both did go even though the instructions said don't dare put this directly on wall. C'mon, I know how to repair sheetrock with these hands, so. Sitting here at my desk I can see the view out the center window, and the two corkboards, on the left and right of the window, loaded with things that make my heart sing: my leaf collection, a branch w/ acorns intact that I love to see, photocopies of my nephew's art [serious artist], maps, photo of my husband w/ a huge fish on the line, a necklace I made that looks better hanging up than it does around my neck, quotations, photos galore, I love these corkboards and I just KNOW you'll enjoy a cork board more than a blackboard []. If you're leaning toward the sari, then the sari it is!

Toad said...

Flo, you have sold me. May I have both?

Flo said...

You already know what you're gonna tack up there, don't you? Two it is!

LPC said...

The sari. No question.

old polo said...

Am I the only twit opting for the guncheck? Guess so, but it seems more...huntsman? You know, Browning Citori Lightning, Barbour, Land Rover...? Just saying