Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Virtual Shoe Museum

I wish there was some way to say that I found this sight by dint of hard work and research. Alas, I didn't.

Each of us, for our own individual reasons have blogs in our readers we have no business reading. One of mine is Godammit I'm Mad. I'll not explain why. Sister Wolf the blog's creator recently had a post on the Virtual Shoe Museum, the largest collection of (women's) tribal and ethnographic shoes in the world.

The extensive, easy to use database allows travelers to search for shoes by color, material,designer etc etc etc. Some, like those in the first photo are scary, some will make you scratch your head, many are beautiful.

Be certain to check out the bookstore.



Main Line Sportsman said...

I cannot fathom what fetish would make a man find those hoof-shoes attractive on a woman....scary.

Toad said...

MLS, think the sisterhood would rise up as one if her escort wore his Tony Lama's, while she hoofed it?

Jane K. Schott said...

I once had an ashtray with a hoof as the base and eventually I had to let it go...maybe it was age that made it so unsettling.

Toad said...

Jane, when I was a kid it wasn't uncommon to see elephant foot brolly stands/waste baskets. There are probably hundreds in attics now. I've only seen one for sale this year.

Anonymous said...

The Virtual Shoe Museum. Did any of you happen to run across the photo of ADG nooooodly prancing about in his Belgians? Virtually waxed, I should warn you.