Friday, November 26, 2010

The Game is Afoot

Let the holiday shopping commence, just without me please.

I mentioned in the past that there is little in the phrase "Black Friday" which motivates me to reach for me wallet, and for that I blame retailers.

From the bottom of my heart I understand how important the holiday season is to many stores. I get it, I truly do. My cynicism stems from how holiday shopping is marketed.

Once upon a time, Christmas season in the US began the day after Thanksgiving, today. Now holiday creep has set in and the day after Halloween is leaning towards opening day. Once upon a time, merchants provided true incentive to be at their stores at 4 AM. Now, bargains and supply are better next week.

On-line shopping hasn't killed brick and mortar yet, but it has certainly made shopping easier, provided you know what you want.

My advice. Sleep in today, have a nice breakfast, get a few chores out of the way, and if you must, go shopping. By the time you are washing up from breakfast,the amateurs will be out of your way.

Enjoy your day. Mrs. T and I will be out, buying a car, Black Friday or no.



house things said...

I agree completely about the shopping. I've never understood the post-Thanksgiving mall frenzy. But, then, I don't want to ever go to the mall. Going at 4am the day after Thanksgiving seems like and especially horrible way to treat oneself.

Have fun with the car purchase.

Shelley said...

They don't do Black Friday in England, of course. Even if they did, I'd stay home. I did most of my holiday shopping in Italy this spring. Any little filling in that needs doing can mostly be done by post. I'm trying to talk myself into hitting sales after Christmas this year, something I don't normally do. Not sure I'll win the argument with myself. I really hate crowds.

Anonymous said...

Off to buy a car? You must have been kidding us about the Black Friday family wedding, whew.

Silk Regimental said...

Don't forget to show us the new "wheels"!

Jane K. Schott said...

Ditto on this post. Interested to see what model of auto you purchase.

David said...

I slept in, pulled on some warm-up pants and a hoodie and drove to the coffee shop in my slippers. Home with my coffee and muffin I read, sorted laundry, gathered dry cleaning, and finally cleaned up and headed out for errands. It was wonderfully relaxed.

Moments ago I bought my Christmas present online sitting here at the dining room table. Bluefly was having a Black Friday sale, super deal, 3 buck shipping.

I can't wait to your new ride. My fingers are crossed its a Rover!

Toad said...

I write about the wedding in time.