Sunday, December 21, 2008

Winter solstice part 1

One of the indeterminable beliefs surrounding Stonehenge is that ancient Celts built this magnificent observatory thousand of years ago to welcome the Winter Solstice. (the sound you hear in the background is Mrs. T saying BS, they don't know that)

Mrs. T and I were sorely at odds the day this photo was taken. Arriving at the car park near the monument I felt like I had come home. It was one of those places with which I immediately connected. It was mid May, pouring rain, very cold and the wind was biting. I found the stones powerfully uplifting. Ever the skeptic, my adored bride walked a few feet with me and then ran for the gift shop. She was having none of it. I spent an hour walking round and round soaked to the skin. She was dying for a cig. Mentioning Stonehenge to her is waving a red cape to a bull.

Whether an observatory or not, I dedicate this solstice to my favorite astronomer, Dr. Richard Schwartz. Get well soon my friend. In these troubled times the world needs your dry wit and boundless curiosity.



Martha said...

On one of our visits to Stonehenge, it was in a snow -- in later winter just before the spring equinox. they are even more beautiful in the snow!

Mom on the Run said...

I used to have the Stonehenge screensaver on my computer...for some reason one of the kids changed it. I've never been there...but someday I will go.

I think I've watched every NatGeo and History International special about Stonehenge they've ever made. The mystery of why and how is fascinating.

Pigtown-Design said...

THe first time I went there, you could still get close to them. The BBC had the most amazing program about the stones, which were brought from Wales. Incredible.

Rechelle said...

This sounds like every vacation my husband and I have ever taken. He is fascinated with some wretched ruin in the middle of a biting rain storm and I just want a good cup of coffee and a snack!