Thursday, December 18, 2008

Mindy's coming home

The Lass above is my bonus daughter Mindy. She is a Junior, matriculating in Boston, and is expected to arrive this evening for her Christmas break.

Mind has been gone since late June which Mrs. T finds very upsetting,as she would prefer her youngest to be within striking distance at all times. They do have their mother/daughter contretemps, but all in all they get along pretty well.

If you have children away at school while having some at home, you know that there is a whole new definition of stress in a house when the college kid comes home. Fortunately, M being the youngest we escape that for now, except...

You know those conversations that begin, I may have forgotten to tell you..? Mrs T. and I had one last evening. They never bode well.

Ours went, I may have forgotten to tell you, but I told Mindy she could have your car while she is in town. Mindy's car is in Boston.

There are a couple of ways to look at this. 1. I just got out of a lot of pre-Christmas chores (unlikely). 2. I better finish my shopping NOW. (more likely) or 3. UH oh (most likely). I don't really mind, I drive about 50 miles a month so its not like I can't get around, and Camilla is in the barn if it gets too cold to walk. I would have prefer a bit of notice, but

If you have kids coming in, enjoy them. Be warned, the younger ones at home will not like their routine disrupted. Its a trying time, but I for one wouldn't change it for the world.

On this date in 1865 the 13th Amendment was ratified. 5 points to anyone who remembers what that did without looking it up.



Martha said...

I assume, since it was 1865, that it was the amendment that abolished slavery?

Mom on the Run said...

J2 has been here for a few days, but we think that J1 may or may not honor us with her presence (except to pick up her presents) because she has an apartment in Atlanta so has no reason to leave. The sorority house is closed, so J2 had no choice.

At least I have a shopping companion for awhile.

Toad said...

5 points for Martha. Congrats.

ms. mindless said...

so funny that mindy gets your car, not mrs. t's car! that's how it always goes for dads. have fun with her at home!

longwing said...

Our second son came home yesterday. He is a freshman so his car is already home. I don't know if we'll see him much.

We have a daughter still at home; so far so good.

Mrs. Blandings said...

Toad - I have to cover my ears and hum with any mention of driving or leaving for college. I simply cannot imagine. Enjoy the holidays.

Toad said...

As her 3 children came of college age, Mrs T took out a mapdrew a circle and told her kids they could go to any school they could get into within that circle.

it was probably a coincidence that the circle extended to her alma mater.

First kid, stayed at home, and matriculated locally.

#1 son looked around, asked to extend the circle to include Chicago and perhaps Kansas, and went to Tulane in New Orleans.

Mindy completely ignoring her mother went to Boston.

Like all mothers, she wants her chickens to roost near home. It is not good when they are gone.

Meanwhile it is pouring down rain, and I'm walking.