Monday, December 22, 2008

Raising my game

I was watching Elvis Costello's program Spectacle the other day (recommended) and his guest was Lou Reed, with film maker Julian Schnabel showing up towards the end.

Now I love Lou Reed. The Velvet Underground was the band that finally got me over the Beatles. Maybe it was Nico, but who cares? Lou is a national treasure.

So along comes Schnabel. And suddenly, I'm curious. How does one elevate (if that's the word) their game so high, that your signature purple PJ's with white piping (as designed by his wife) becomes acceptable attire? Throw on a sport coat and you're out the door.

I can picture it the first time. Your not feeling well, need a cup of coffee, or something from the drug store, so you throw on a jacket, run in and go home. How, several days later and feeling better, do you come to the conclusion that the jammies were a pretty snazzy outfit, and decide that is your signature look? How do you get it past the wife? How do you get past the derision of all you meet.

So I'm game. It's a new year and new years prompt new beginnings. PJ's have been done, and Hef has the silk robe market locked down. So what do you recommend? I'm thinking knee length Hawaiian shirts.



longwing said...


Renovation Therapy said...

Schnabel's a jackass.

Sorry, I didn't want to swear on your blog but couldn't think of another word that quite captured him.

Toad said...

Jackass is a perfectly good word. Fitting too.

Pigtown-Design said...

When I was in the UK in October, I needed a pair of PJ's because I was staying in a house of males. I found a perfect pair of chocolate-coloured jersey pants and surplice top, piped in pink satin. They're amazing and I wish I'd gotten a few sets. But I'd never wear them in public. Ok, so I did weaer the bottoms to walk the dog once, but it was nearly midnight and no-one saw me.

ms. mindless said...

he's a jackass that i am mildly obsessed with. in a train wreck kind of way. have you seen his crazy pink building in the west village?

Toad said...

Other than Berlin, I know practially nothing about the man. Those jammies though, wow.

Giuseppe said...

I've said it before and I'll say it again: wearing pajamas on the streets marks one as having reached a disgusting level of laziness.

So we all think Scnabel is a jackass.

How many of us are near as rich as he is?


renovation therapy-how nice of you to at least try not to swear. there may be hope for manners yet.

Toad said...

G: my mother taught us that bad taste speaks louder than money.

EatPlayLove said...

oh my. Quite the sight. I realized after writing my post, I never mentioned Hef, maybe he's to blame for this terrible trend.

I have to admit, I am a big Nico fan, VU was never the same without her.