Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Mt Hood

For several years , #2 son, the forest fire fighter, had a winter job working at Mt. Hood Meadows Ski Resort in Mt. Hood Oregon. Being young, reasonably poor, and/or cheap he lived in a VW camper in a parking lot somewhere near the base of the mountain, and would take a shuttle bus to the ski lift. I think that stopped several days after a major snowstorm which caused him to climb out a window to clear the tailpipe and gain access to the doors of his van. Mt. Hood has truly biblical snowstorms, that is, if they had snow in the OT.

This season, snow has been a bit scarce and the Meadows is barely open. Sunday they had a brief 16 inches, and as the winter progresses it is not uncommon to see them get 50 inches or more in a week.

I am not a skier and never have been. I do not like snow, I break too quickly and heal too slowly. I am impressed though by masses amounts of weather. Especially, if I am very far away.

This season #2 is in Mexico lying by the beach, making up for lost time.

My sole reason for sharing this, is if you too enjoy watching other people get lots of lousy weather check into this link periodically. It really does become impressive at times.

For those who have not been keeping up, today is also the 235 anniversary of the Boston Tea Party.



Mom on the Run said...

Our kids have always let us know that they feel very deprived because we don't do a big "ski vacation" like all their friends. Deprived children, I know.

DOTR and I enjoyed plenty of snow when we were kids, DOTR lived in Western Nebraska so Colorado ski trips were a regular occurrence and we just don't like to be cold.

Lo and behold, this year J4 told me that he's not really sad that the church youth group's ski trip was canceled because he said "I really don't like it that much, it's cold and really wet".

I rest my case.

Paul Pincus said...

that's a great-looking header!

Sartre said...

Toad, nice mention of the Boston Tea Party; those are the kind of little facts I delight in. I had an ancestor who was (supposedly) one of the party. He "used to tell with great gusto how he used his cooper's axe to cut open the chests of tea."

Anonymous said...

where in the world has Bunny T. disappeared, Toad?

Toad said...

I'm wondering too. I bet she is holed up somewhere with plenty of nog, a couple of good looking retainers and a well tended log fire on the Cape.

Bunny come back!

Renovation Therapy said...

Not to pry, but have you heard from Bunny? Her blog hasn't been updated for a few weeks. I miss her posts, hope all is well with her.

Anonymous said...

Toad, I find your blog one of the most entertaining and informative ones that I regularly visit. I think that you and I could be rally good friends or really good sparring partners. I really do enjoy your post.