Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The end of the traveling grandparent

It is a parents duty (no exceptions) to be completely involved with every school activity their children participate in. That the school and kids come first is the most important civics lesson we have to pass on to the following generations.

That doesn't necessarily involve grandparents.

While it is comforting to children to know their grandparents are interested in their school activities, it is no longer necessary for out of town grandparents to travel to the annual Christmas pageant, dance/piano recital or spelling bee. The Holiday pageant is too early, the weather is too bad, the.... The recital is like last years only different. Hopefully parents, you'll understand my objection.

Number 1 son taught me last year how to enjoy these dreaded events, from the comfort of my own home. I'll now share with you, so you can save yourself or someone you love for the really important must attends.

It's simply YouTube. Make your grand kids parents record the program with their handy digital camera, then upload onto YouTube. You get the best seats in the house, can see and hear loud and clear and can still praise the young thespians for their most excellent contribution to holiday festivities.
Imagine not having to show up hours early to save seats, or auditoriums filled with family. No SRO. Aunts, uncles friends and neighbors can watch too. Forever. Best of all you never leave home.

The imp in the white skirt/black top front row right is my grand daughter, Paige

Local Grandparents must still attend, no exceptions.


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Anonymous said...

Your last line is TheRule.
Says it all.
A very wise nugget.

Oh, the "Imp" aka: granddaughter, is having a jolly time - just as cute acting as cute looking.

Cheers from WI