Sunday, December 7, 2008

Am I just getting old?

I get about 3 pounds of catalogs a week from Ben Silver, a Charleston, SC haberdashery. Their marketing plan is primarily to offer very good looking gentleman's clothes, via the Internet, very expensively. I have in fact shopped there, but only from the outlet. Can't afford it otherwise.

While they do offer women's clothes, I generally am not privy to those catalogs, for which my mailman is grateful. Today I did receive an insert in my daily catalog which featured women's holiday wear.

Below are several examples. The models are store employees and are very attractive in a SC sort of way. The dresses I'm not so sure. The green numbers would keep me up nights.

Perhaps I have finally become too old for my own good.



initials CG said...

If you're looking at them, you're not getting too old...

you're just pickier about how she dresses! And it's about time men start getting pickier about women!

News Readin' Wife said...

Hideous. All of it.
We are big fans of Ben Silver around these parts, but not of their foray into women's wear.

Legallyblondemel said...

Oh, dear. That green number brings Kermit the Frog to mind, and not in that whimsically nostalgic sense.

I see no indication of getting too old here - merely good taste.

Anonymous said...

Ben Silver's stuff is outrageously expensive, and the quality doesn't merit it. They NEVER have a sale/discount, so get used to paying full retail for overpriced merchandise.