Sunday, December 7, 2008

Do you, would you?

I was reading a new blog this afternoon, Today's Gentleman in which our new hero told the story of how he took to dip. I've never tried it, and know few men who do. In fact, although we have never discussed it, I can think of only a few things which would find me single faster than coming home with a pinch between my teeth and gums.

I have a number of minor vices, but perhaps I'm missing something. Do you dip? Does your husband, boyfriend? Does it come recommended?

On a similar but different topic, I found myself at the local drugstore today and found they were stocking up on stop smoking gum in time to cash in on the New Years resolutions. The gum comes in original and mint. Do menthol smokers chew the mint gum and regulars the original?


Photo from Today's Gentleman


David said...

My father always dipped, and I've always been kind of revolted by it.

Katy McIntyre said...

I have a client in OK who is an avid "dipper" and every time I visit he offers some to me. Needless to say, I politely decline. GROSS! I can't think of a more nasty habit.

Sartre said...

From what I understand, it's not a minor vice either. Absolutely no filtering mechanism between you and the tobacco. I'd pass on this one.

Teacats said...

My DH smokes a pipe ... Can't abide the thought of dip-and-spit!

Jan at Rosemary Cottage

ms. mindless said...

ugh. quite possibly the nastiest legal habit out there. double yuck!

Anonymous said...

Yes, my husband chews. He has since he was 13. He tried to quit once but it just left him extremely agitated.

He's been a lobbyist on Capital Hill (DC) for many years. You'd be really surprised how many Senators, Congressman, staffers, and yes, even White House people who have bummed 'a chew' from him through the years.

The Duck said...

I occasionally take a pinch. It is a gross habit and I will quit. I started after I had smoked for thirteen years and I know that I replaced one habit with the other. Three pinches a week is a lot better than a pack to two a day.

Don't start, it is something that will repulse almost all around you.

Tucker said...

I dipped a little in college way back when. It's a disgusting habit with a very high risk of oral cancer and other maladies.

Mossback Meadow said...

I think dipping is a regional/rural thing, especially popular among young men, and a certain segment of older ones. Jeans with rings on the back pocket are quite common around here. Our 18yo has taken this up, much to my dismay. My dad was a dentist, for cryin out loud!