Saturday, December 13, 2008

Let's invent a word.

Dictionary writers would be up a creek if we didn't invent new words. No new words, no new dictionaries, no new sales, no new dictionary writers.

So unless someone knows the real name for it, I think we should invent a name for the series of letters that blogger spits up before allowing one to post comments on some blogs.

I propose: Nodda (noun) NA DA from the Mayberry: meaning comments not allowed unless.
"I wanted to comment on her blog, but wouldn't nodda"

You can certainly do better. Have a great weekend, I'll be in KC.


Photo is of Noah Webster Statue, West Hartford, Connecticut


Martha said...

No wonder you're up early -- have fun in the city!

Some of the letters ARE words -- while others are nonsense.

I like your term for that silliness!

ajvphilp said...

i think they're called "captcha". Wikipedia agrees -

Renovation Therapy said...


My word for this blogger comment is REDOR. Meaning to retrofit a door, to renovation one's entry way. Additionally, it may be used to offer an alternative to the color red, as in "red or fuchsia".

Toad said...

Captcha? how in the **** did you know this?

ajvphilp said...

i only know about captcha cos a friend was complaining about them on facebook