Friday, December 19, 2008

Someone is going to buy this. Why?

I don't know why.
These are known as wooly mammoth crocs. Fleece lined for extra warmth, same number of holes for extra snow. Nothing says winter like wet fleece on the feet.



Martha said...

Toad -- I love my fleecy crocs -- my winter footwear of choice but I must admit that they are not for deep snow!

Anonymous said...

I thought these flotation devices would go away once weather turned inclement.......

Nothing screams "I've given up" like a pair of Crocs.
Well, maybe Crocs with a track suit.

Coming next: Plastic Uggs, sans shearling lining! ! !

News Readin' Wife said...

Many of my friends children sport these in the winter. Achoo, indeed.

Personally, I think crocs should be worn in three places and only three places:
a garden
a medical facility
a professional kitchen

Merry Christmas, Toad!

Turling said...

Well, if it makes everyone feel better, Crocs stock has plummeted as the fad has started ending. Perhaps, they wll go the way of the pet rock shortly.