Friday, December 5, 2008

Christmas Shows

I am a sucker for Christmas shows. Every year I get sucked into TBS and ABC Family channel's 25 days of Christmas. I'm glued many a night.

Miracle on 34th street, The Bishops Wife, Charlie Brown's Christmas, A Christmas Story, name it I'm hooked.

The absolutely best, greatest, finest, most memorable Christmas movie of them all* is on AMC Sunday evening. It's the remake of Charles Dickens' classic " A Christmas Carol" starring George C. Scott as Ebenezer Scrooge.

If you haven't seen it, do so. If you're busy, change your plans, or at least set your Tivo. Let the kids stay up late. It's that good.


* except for Mr. Magoo's Christmas Carol which you can find on YouTube any day of the year.


Anonymous said...

As the three kids left for school this morning, my husband said "Scrooge tonight" - they shrieked in unison "EBA-NEEEEEEEEZAH ! !"

Top shelf show, yes it 'tis.

WI Fan

Mom on the Run said...

Very good version--I finally got to see the Alliance Theatre's version on a school field trip a few years ago since for years we had little time to see anything but The Nutcracker.

I will have to make sure I watch it this year.

Teacats said...

My favorite is the version with Alastair Sims as Scrooge -- truly creepy! And it is the only version that truly shows the heart of the story -- the fact that Scrooge's mother died after childbirth and his father resented him AND then Scrooge does the exact same thing to his nephew. So many of the newer versions leave out that valuable lesson about not repeating the past! And "The Bishop's Wife" remains another favorite! And for a newer one -- "The Holiday" is great fun -- and has wonderful homes to set the scenes too!

Jan at Rosemary Cottage

Sartre said...

Yes I prefer the Alastair Sim version as well. The movie looks like it could have been made in 1850; it FEELS old.

And yes, The Bishop's Wife is under-rated.

Toad said...

The Alister Sim version is scary. Still.

I love Marley's ghost in the GCS version.

I'm not certain The Bishops Wife is underappreciated. It falls in that class of Cary Grant movies I call before Cary became Cary. When he still had a sense of humor. Most everything before Hitchcock qualifies.