Friday, December 12, 2008

Bill's Khakis

Since 1990 Bill's Khakis have been the gold standard of men's chino's. Made of heavy weight cotton twill they wear like iron, hold a crease and almost always look like a gentleman's pants.

Frankly, though I getting kind of sick and tired of seeing khaki's wherever I go. The ubiquitous uniform of khaki's and navy blazer or khakis and polo shirt are getting a bit long in the tooth. Sadly that presents two problems for me. First is Bill's are so darn comfortable what else are you gonna wear. The second is what else are you gonna wear?

Now I'll give flannels and fine woolen pants their due. They too are winter staples. But sometimes you want a pair of nice looking pants that are as comfortable as your good old Bills, but that are a bit dressier then that damned military tn that will go with something other than a blue blazer.

Gentlemen, I recommend the Bill's driving twill pants. They come in a variety of adult colors, including black, gray, British tan, and navy. They fit like Bill's, are as comfortable as Bill's, but look and feel like a man's pants.

The problem is that they are a tad pricey. I recommend that you shop around especially on EBAY. There are a couple of EBAY sellers located near Bill's Reading, Pa. plant that offer a fine selection of goods. Don't be afraid of irregulars either. If Bill's will let it out the door, it perfectly acceptable.


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News Readin' Wife said...

We bought two pairs for my father-in-law last Christmas. My mother-in-law has requested two more pairs for him, as she is just plain tired of seeing him in the same two pairs!

Also, it has been said that the reason Bill's started washing their khakis prior to selling - a recommendation made by Wm. King.

Happy Weekend, Toad.