Monday, December 15, 2008

Picks pans and Ship of Fools

For many this may be a regular occurrence, but for me it was manna from heaven. I took the picture above at a KC gas station Saturday. Gas in Kansas City is 30 cents per gallon cheaper than Mayberry. I haven't seen prices this low since well before Katrina. Let us give thanks for happier days ahead.

Pick 1
A bit of serendipity. While under the weather a few weeks back, I became absorbed watching Book TV on CSPAN. Drumming his new book was Curtis Roosevelt, Frank and Elly Roosevelt's grandson. His book Too Close To the Sun tells of life at Hyde Park, growing up in and around the grandparents and fun times with the relatives. More on the book later.

Checking the local library web site for the book, I came across "Too Close to the sun, the life and times of Deny Finch Hatton". You may remember him from Out of Africa fame.

What a guy. While not Robert Redford, apparently he was extremely good looking, charming, brave, rich, and bored by conventional life. He found himself and Karen Blixen in Africa. While there he was a planter, land owner and great white hunter.
Out of Africa was apparently more fiction than fact, but he and Baroness Blixen were great lovers for as long as it was convenient for them. In the current vernacular seemingly he just wasn't that into her, while she was too needy for him. In they end, well you know the story.
It is a pretty good read though.

Pick 2

As a lapsed believer, I feel strongly that my life would be bereft if I were not versed in the Judeo-Christian traditions. My suspicion is that growing up in the bells and smells school left me unable to truly appreciate the richness of other alternatives.
To ease my back into the fold, I rely upon The Ship of Fools
If you are unfamiliar with the Ship, it is an Anglican site which in typically British fashion spares no effort in finding sport wherever possible while offering the Christian message. I especially like the Fruitcake Zone and the Caption Competition.

While all in good fun, I find it hard to miss its more important message.

Only half a pan, but perhaps more a question.

Has anyone else noted that the ink in the current edition of Garden and Guns smears? Over the past several years even the worst offenders (New Yorker esp) have overcome this needless mess. I hope it is only me.

Its good to be back in full vigor. Let the bontemps rollez.



Martha said...

I've not seen gas that low since I can't remember . . . here on the prairie, like Mayberry, it is 30 cents higher -- but even that seems cheap after the almost $4 earlier this year.

Hope you had a fun time in the city and beat the sleet home.

Toad said...

Thank you. We had a most wonderful time, and in fact did beat the sleet home. I am dealing with it this morning.

I had almost forgotten how breezy KC can be :).

Legallyblondemel said...

What a fabulous website! I particularly like the "chance of rapture" percentage feature. Something in my Episcopalian makeup particularly appreciates this sort of approach.

Glad you had a good KC adventure.

ms. mindless said...

gas hasn't been that low in dc for a LONG time. lucky you!

Mrs. Blandings said...

I'm lapsing a bit now. I recently called our church to "resign" and was completely charmed at how concerned everyone was. Perhaps your link will bring me back into the fold. Hope it was a great weekend. No one, no one, lives here for the weather.