Monday, December 1, 2008


Welcome back travelers. It's time to get back to routine, and prep for the holidays. If your in retail, you have our thanks and good wishes.

Four years ago Mrs. T and I spent the week before and after Thanksgiving in Spain. While not exactly correct we spent about a week in and around Barcelona and a week in and around Madrid. Spain is muy cool, and I recommend visiting there to most everyone.

Barcelona is one my favorite cities on earth. Its beautiful. The people are friendly, stylish and relaxed. The weather's not bad either. There is plenty to see and do, and the food is to die for.

Barcelona is in Spain it's just not of Spain. The local language is Catalan, not Spanish. The customs are Catalan. The Spanish are tolerated.

With all there is to see and do, if you happen to be there near Christmas look around the many Nativity scenes for the ever present Caganer. He will be found in a corner of every creche, public and private.

Caganer is Catalan for "the pooper", and comes in all manner of guises, from the traditional Catalan peasant shown above to images of the pope, W, the Simpson's, whatever. Tradition is not clear on exactly how or why he's there. Most have settled on the story of how Caganer demonstrates how we are all equal in the eyes of God, as we all poop. Later stories throw in a fertility rite, but that explanation is not widely accepted.

Welcome to December. The Holiday season is in full swing now. Start your own holiday traditions. Your children and grandchildren will eventually thank you for them.



ms. mindless said...

how funny!

Giuseppe said...

He kind of reminds of the German marzipan chimney sweep with the coin in his butt. Another strange holiday tradition.