Thursday, December 25, 2008

Have you seen?

Last Sunday's NY Times Magazine did a brief story on street fashion blogs and those who take the photographs. Scott Shuman of the Sartorialist got an honorable mention and ever the opportunist he subsequently posted the story on his blog.

One of the sites mentioned was garance doré . Admittedly, I am too old, too male to spend any time here, but there is something captivating about Paris. Only recently has Garance begun posting in English, but scroll back awhile. Many of her exclusively French posts are stunningly beautiful. Take a look periodically.

2. This from EBAY. Two year Garden and Gun subscription . $6.99 Garden and Gun: The Magazine - eBay (item 280296870897 end time Dec-30-08 11:21:28 PST)

3. I know that there is a word for this, and perhaps knowing is half the illness, but there are 3 words I misspell EVERY time I type them. Should I blame my keyboard, my fat fingers, or the parochial school nuns who instilled in me a great abhorrence to sloppy spelling and grammar?

4. ?GOOD Magazine Goodmagazine - The 51 Best* Magazines Ever There are a few I think he missed including M, 80's edition. Whatta ya think?

Once again, Happy Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy day before Boxing Day.


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