Friday, December 19, 2008

window snow

Remember when you were a kid wiping on those waxy snow stencils onto the corners of your window panes?

I vaguely remember that the snow eventually evolved into an aerosol spray, and became a flock to spray on Christmas trees. Do they still have it any more?

I can remember, more clearly than this mornings breakfast, coming home from Kindergarten, the day Christmas break began and helping my mom stencil our few windows. In my mind's eye I can still see it, smell it, I can remember the stencils. I remember the excitement. As I recall, it was a genuine pain removing this stuff. The memory is so real, yet it happened 50 some odd years ago.

I hope they do still have it. We have a lot of windows.

Have a great,and happy weekend. If you have any great weekend weather stories let us know. Mt. Hood has had 32+ inches in the past 2 days.


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