Monday, January 31, 2011


"She was 41 on January 31 and there are those who maintain that on a clear night she doesn't look a minute younger" George Frazier, Life Magazine profile Feb 15, 1943

Apropos of nothing except that today would be her 109th birthday and I have wanted to use Frazier's quote for a very long time.

Ms. Bankhead's sole public exception to the story was having been described as "having lumbered across the room." Most unlady like.

Cover girl Betty was pretty hot too, in 1943.



house things said...

I like the new header. Very nice.

And, that is a great quote.

James said...

Wasn't it Ms Bankhead who had the famous two line conversation with Chico Marx?

Toad said...

She is credited with many great quotes.