Monday, January 10, 2011


You may recall Mrs. T was, at best, a reluctant traveler to Spamalot, her mood not helped by having scratched her eye Saturday afternoon.

"Tell me again what this is about," she asked. Since I could see, and read in the dim light I read from the Playbill:

Followed by parts of the Who's Who, earning the evil eye.

Probably 40% of the audience hadn't a clue what they had walked into, most wondering what was with the hats.

Ten minutes in, the cast had them eating out of their hands. It was a marvelously enchanted evening. Mrs. T came around quickly, laughing at all the right parts, genuinely enjoying herself. Still she was hesitant when I suggested watching the last half of the movie when we got home. Many more thanks to daughter Katy and her hubby.

Black velvet works perfectly in drafty theaters.

Happy Birthday Mrs. Bagwell


James said...

There is nothing that can begin to compare to live performances. Glad Mrs T enjoyed herself. That black and white of you is a classic. You should have a portrait painted from it.

Patsy said...

Oh my, that Playbill will provide me with an afternoon of giggles.

JMW said...

Glad to hear she liked it! Perhaps when it comes back to our town, I should get hubby tickets. And great photo!

Dumbwit Tellher said...

What a fun evening and I'm a huge Monty Python fan. Mrs. T sounds like the best date and a tremendous sport. Black velvet suits you well and it's always so comfy don't you think?

ADG said...

Brilliant, brilliant rig.