Saturday, January 1, 2011

Not my problem

This is another annual tradition in these parts. I'm going to keep posting it, until more begin doing it. 100,00 wishes to you for a happy 2011.

I like you just the way you are.

However, if you are hell bent on making New Years resolutions, have the decency and courtesy to avoid those self esteem destroying, I'm gonna lose 25 pounds by swim suit season, types. I'm all for self improvement, but self delusion goes a long way. And keep 'em to yourself.

Allow me to recommend the hardest resolution you will ever encounter. It is mind numbingly easy if you simply change your entire world view. You will find if you utilize its simple principle, it will improve every aspect of your life. Did I mention its free?

With heartfelt thanks to my old boss, Hap Lignoul, and author Douglas Adams I call it NMP. NMP, as in Not My Problem.

Do you worry that your doofus high schooler forgot his homework, or scheduled 3 calendar conflicts? Don't stew about it, remember NMP. You're not paying the price, so do not give it another thought.

Is your neighbor off her diet? NMP

Did Karen order the office supplies? NMP

Do you suspect someone needs your unsolicited advice? Don't.

Not for the world, would I suggest you give up your kind, generous, thoughtful manner. What I am suggesting is, that if everyone tidied their own small piece of the world, and kept their nose out of everyone else's business, the world would be a much healthier and better place. Your stress level falls. Your blood pressure falls. You live a longer and healthier life. Your children learn the value of price paying, and responsibility, once they see you love them enough to let them fail, HARD. Focus on those things you are responsible for, and leave the rest.

Try it, I dare ya.



Anonymous said...

TOAD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I have heard all of this self-help shit before, butchya know what? You worded it so simply and honestly that it truly moved me and damnit......I'm gonna do it. From now on it's all NMP.

Love you Toad. Thanks for the spank. I needed it more than you will ever know. I mean that.

Thanks for so many good links from your posts. Many have truly made a difference to me. Always come away with good feelings and intellectual stimulation after visiting your blog. Even when it is simple and sweet. Came to you from Maxminimus. It was a good lead.

Happy Hogmanay !!!!


David said...

Happy new year Toad!

Mrs. Blandings said...

Trying, trying, trying. Maybe stepping off the school volunteer wagon would help.

sue in mexico mo said...

Happy New Year!

preppyplayer said...

Not easy. I DO believe in price paying and consequence... best way to learn. Just have trouble not worrying about certain folks!
Happy New year :)

Springheel said...

I have used the principle of NMP for many years - all part of living by the dictum of Arthur Balfour(Prime Minister of Britain 1902-05), who said that "Nothing matters very much and few things matter at all." And he really ought to know, given that he had controlled an empire covering 75% of the world.

Happy New Year, Mr Toad.

Genuine Lustre said...

HAHAHA! Love this.