Saturday, January 22, 2011

Anna and Katrina's Grocery Bag

I have no truck with Oprah Winfrey. Her daily program, and now her network are a constant background noise in our house. I suspect she'd be hell to work for, but if you succeeded, life would be golden.

In searching for my lost wife, I followed Oprah's noise only to encounter the funniest cooking show ever, Anna and Katrina's Grocery Bag.

The conceit of the program is that Anna and Katrina,pick up a well known cook book for each show, pull out several recipes that sounds doable and make them. How well they did is judged by a local chef who bravely tries their dishes and offers a peek behind the curtains telling what the cookbook left out.

A&K seemingly other than cooking for their families, may or may not have any kitchen skills. Much of the program's humor comes in watching the 2 "real people with completely different styles" cook from real cookbooks. They rarely succeed.

The 2 Fat Lady's this is not.

I found it on Oppies OWN. It may be somewhere else at your house.



EatPlayLove said...

Oh that cutesy smudge on her face just completes the cover! Wow, sounds nothing like Julie & Julia, I wonder where the producers dreamt this brilliant idea up?

Divine Theatre said...

I am so grateful I threw away my television set. That would annoy the hell out of me, especially that cutesy smudge!
If I want to watch two people with entirely different viewpoints burn food, I need look no further than my own kitchen!

house things said...

I still have a television, for research purposes, you know. But, I have to agree with Divine Theatre on this. If I need to observe a kitchen catastrophe, no television is required.

M.Lane said...

Great tip! I love cooking shows and now a "cooking" show. Why not have less than dire seriousness in the kitchen? Why not a kitchen comedy? The sense of humor is why my favorite cooking show ever is Justin Wilson, the old cajun chef. Of course, he could really cook too. But he wasn't as cute as these two.


Dumbwit Tellher said...

I have managed to miss this. This would be my kind of cooking show; perfect imperfection!

And if they can laugh along the way, even more fun. Thanks Toad!

Happy weekend to you & Mrs. T : D

Tammy B said...

Thank goodness I don't get that station. I had forgotten all about the Two Fat Ladies. I used to watch them every week. Thanks to M. Lane for reminding me about the greatest cooking show ever, Justin Wilson. Also watched him every week.

Main Line Sportsman said...

I always loved the 2 fat broads....they made a great scotch egg recipe!

Young at Heart said...

oooh there are times when I do miss living in America!!

Suburban Princess said...

As this is a Canadian show it has been airing here for a few years...these two used to have a shopping show comparing like products to find the best bang for a buck.

Toad said...

God bless Canada