Saturday, January 8, 2011


Sauce Magazine is a local monthly dedicated to food lore and related stuff. Their web site is my go to when searching for a restaurant, and blog I read just for fun. On Friday they publish their favorite tweets of the week.

This tweet caught my eye:

Had a 21 yr old celebrating their birthday in iTap last night. They were born in 1990… #mademefeelold

Hard to disagree.



NCJack said...

I know the feeling. The other night some sports announcer said a team hadn't been this highly ranked since "waayyy back" in 1983.

1983 is not "waayyy back"

Kathy said...

My elder son just turned 21. Oy.

dovecote Decor said...

It has taken my entire life for my third daughter to turn 21! Now I look forward to the last two to turn 25. I hear the facility for planning ahead becomes fully developed by then. I will have to check out sauce, but our holiday culinary game changer is the new Cipriani pasta. I can't stop telling everybody about it. Our favorite is the fettucini.