Monday, January 24, 2011

Consider it Research

We've (that's royal) come to like Prince Albert slippers a lot, so while planning holiday festivities it became obvious we needed another pair, but from where?

Several obstacles leapt to mind.
Now that I'm part Scot the $400+ Shipton and Heneage's were out of the picture*.
I like my Del Toro's, but maybe there is something else to try.
Finally, there is the problem of getting the size right, especially when buying blind.

I ordered a pair of blue embroidered Albert's from Broadland Slippers in the UK, for 2 reasons.
They were priced right, GBP 115 less Vat* to the US
I liked they way they did business.

After placing my order I received an email questionnaire asking the usual questions, what size shoe did I wear, which brand did I prefer, sox, no sox, etc.

The kicker came next. Their follow up email was a series of photos, and directions. "Take a tape measure, measure your right foot like this, here then here. Now do the left. What are the numbers"

Since the slippers were made to order, instead of shoehorning their customers into an indeterminate size, they make slippers to fit their clients feet. If you are hard to fit, this is a great option. Along with the numbers I included photos showing the tape around my feet, to minimize misunderstanding.

The results: outstanding.

Yes, of course women's sizes and other styles are available.

* I know that several styles of S&H are the same price as Broadland and may try a pair in my clan tartan.

For now I'm very satisfied, with the slippers, the service and recommend Broadland highly.



David said...

Toad, I'm glad you enjoy your Broadlands, I have a pair on the way as well. However your experience with them disturbs me about my own, since mine were a custom order with my own design and options. The emails from Shaun and Mike were very cordial and accommodating with all of my requests, yet I was never asked for foot measurements, whether or not I would be wearing socks with them, I was never sent photos, nor asked for them. In fact, I had to try and explain my specific shoe size because they never asked, and no further response was requested. Considering mine ran significantly more than the standard catalog shoes, I admit I'm quite vexed, and a bit miffed if I'm honest, as to why the service was so different.

Toad said...

David: what may have confused the lads is that since I'm an American, and gave them the UK size of my favorite Sargents they needed to be certain.

The photos were of where and how they wanted measurements taken.

Obviously, the only guys who can answer are Shuan and Mike, and I trust they will happily do so.

I just ordered a second pair, this time of an leather lined tartan. I suspect in the end you too will be very satisfied.

T said...

Yeah, those are proper. Approved. Now please excuse me while I go count my pennies.

David said...

I hope you're right, I suppose I'll just have to wait and see. I'm just now thinking I should have given them exact measurements instead of just telling them I'm a 12.5 D. I'm very excited about them as I've wanted a pair for years, guess I've just got a case of "first custom shoe" jitters.

ADG said...

Man....where the hell have I been?