Sunday, January 9, 2011

Separated at birth? An irregular series

Lauren Graham
Gillmore Girls fame

Nigella Lawson Saatchi
Kitchen fame

Just wondering.



Barbara said...

Wow. Those are some kind of photos of Nigella. Nice to have found you via FatScribe.....

Modern Traditionalist said...

Definitely similarities in the coloring, although Ms. Graham doesn't hold a candle to Nigella's more infamous assets. I blame Hollywood.


Flo said...

"Nigella's more infamous assets"

Here's my idea of Nigella's "more infamous assets":

Toad said...

While not suggesting for even a moment she is being anything less than a lady, Ms. Saatchi's infamous assets do get considerable air time on her programs.

I've long been envious of the photo of Nigella's library. I wonder if the Lib. of Congress would sent their spares my way.

Rebecca Woodhead said...

Both wonderful. I'd never considered the similarity before. Oh, Toad. I have great news. I was just published in my favourite national magazine. Three page feature. As you've been so kind in the past, I wanted to share that with you.

I've also been published in three books over the last year - one in Ireland, one in the US, and one is published this month in England.

I hope you are well.

Rebecca x

NCJack said...

Someone once wrote "When you see Nigella lick the icing spoon, you'll forget all about mom or grannie in the kitchen", and I did, and I did, respectively.