Monday, January 31, 2011

Let it snow, let it snow

Like the school boy with neglected homework I've always been, I am a winter bad weather junkie and today I've hit the lottery.

We had to be out early this morn, so the first thing awake was the Weather Channel girl.

"Prepare for an historic storm", sounded Weather Girl.

Monday, rain changing to freezing snain, before turning to ice.

Tuesday, Thunder Ice and snow.

Wednesday, biblical snow and wind.

Thursday, tree limb snapping, power out causing wind followed by bitter cold.

Keeping with the Sleeper analogy it's the Orgasmatron for me.

If I'm not here, you'll know why.



T said...

...because you'll be frozen in the labyrinth like Jack Nicholson in "The Shining?"
Seriously. Stay in and nurse the Bunnahabhain until you can't say "Molecule."
There's polar bears in the snow, you know.

James said...

Good luck Toad. Stay warm and safe!

Suburban Princess said...

I am a bit excited about the storm too! It's a huge pain in the bum but it does bring out my survival instincts (which usually range from finding clean washrooms to knowing which barista makes the best latte) and I have already gathered everything we might need and made sure hubby told me where the shovel is.

Hopefully you get to stay tucked in a nice den with some books and a fireplace :O)

Anonymous said...

You get blizzards, we down here in the SE coastal regions get hurricanes. You are reminding me of the value of purchasing a little generator ahead of our upcoming season, just enough juice to keep our two computers up and running for current information, and for mindless delight. Mindless delight above all.

Hope your larder is well-enough stocked for humans and puppies, hope you have all household batteries charged, and that the the candles and matches are refreshed and ready for service.

Brave on....

Martha said...

We're supposed to get it, too -- we've laid in provisions and have auxiliary lanterns at the ready and blankets piled high. We're looking forward to days before the fire reading -- with wonderful kettle meals coming from the kitchen.

Stay safe and warm.

Mrs. Blandings said...

Bill keeps saying, "historic proportions." You were nice to provide a warning.

LPC said...

AT least she said it right. "An" historic storm. Cold comfort, I imagine.